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100% free. (except the ad-free application and VIP servers).


Truly unlimited! No speed, bandwidth or session limitation.


Access any site in the world with a single tap, by pressing the "Connect" button.


Thanks to our SSL encryption, browse anonymously and securely.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network. For example, when you connect to Anonymous VPN's secure network, it establishes an encrypted and secure connection with a server based in another country. Thanks to this encryption, the transmitted data cannot be filtered or blocked.

Why use a VPN?

A VPN not only allows access to censored or blocked services, such as Netflix, Pandora or YouTube, but also guarantees you maximum online security and privacy, allowing you to browse the web anonymously.

VPN / Proxy comparison

A VPN and a proxy can both prevent your identification by redirecting your internet traffic and changing your IP address. Conversely, a VPN service encrypts all your traffic and works with all internet-based services. In short, a VPN gives you more freedom, privacy, and security.

Why Anonymous VPN

Why Anonymous VPN

Anonymous VPN is completely free, unlimited, secure and super easy to use.

Unlimited Access

Go to any site in any country. Bypass geo-restrictions and unblock any site wherever you are! Access sites blocked or censored by a country, school or business. Bypass firewalls to access Facebook, watch YouTube, and bypass limitations on VOIP services.

Protect your Data

Protect your data from hackers. When you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, your name, passwords, and all of your personal data can be easily recovered. Anonymous VPN uses bank-grade encryption to encrypt your data and provide you with optimal protection.

Easy to Use

Anonymous VPN is an easy to use VPN proxy service with one click activation. Anonymous VPN only uses one button. It allows you to connect to many anonymous servers at speeds that exceed those of a web proxy. And we're a completely free, unlimited VPN!

Surf the web Anonymously

Surf the web anonymously Prevent your internet service provider from spying on you and block websites from tracking your activity for advertising purposes. Anonymous VPN changes your IP address. Stay anonymous online; your web activities are protected from prying eyes and can no longer be used by businesses.

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